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Thise web site has been renewed

This website is completely renewed in 2015. The previous version was based on Java, but the support for Java is rapidly diminishing.
The new website is based on JavaScript (Panorado viewer) and is largely compatible with HTML5. That runs on all modern systems including iPad and iPhone and is more future-proof.

How to view a panorama photo?

Click on a photo on this page to view the full panorama photo.
Then use the horizontal shift bar at the bottom of the window.
If the horizontal shift bar is not visible, then zoom the panorama photo to fit vertically in the window.
Picture does not fit on the page? Push F11 for full screen mode.

How to view the full 360 degrees Web panorama photo?

Using the Panorado viewer:
Click on a link with the text Click here to view with the Panorado viewer.
Wait until the 360 degrees photo has been loaded, this might take some time.
For looking around just left mouse click on the photo in the window, keep the left mouse button pressed and move to the left and to the right.
You can also use the menu which gets visible once your cursor hits the photo.

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